Skills for Change

The Rural Hipster is dedicated to teaching and sharing connection to the land, people and the future, for living like it matters. Online, in-person, in your community…whatever form it takes to get you inspired to make a better world, the possibilities are endless.

Our Story

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. From a run-down old apartment at Yonge and Lawrence, to today: looking out on the roaming chickens and turkeys, 5 veggie gardens, a food forest, 6 beehives, free range kids and an incredible community of friends and neighbours. How did we get here? Easy. Just enough fear to push us out of our comfort zone, and a whole lot of amazing connections. Living your dream can be a possibility, you just need a place to start. Welcome to The Rural Hipster, where we connect you to the land, people and places that make the impossible a reality. We’ve done it, so can you. Let us help.

Meet the Family

Boy meets girl. Girl ignores boy. Boy is tenacious as hell. Vodka shots, two kids and a farm later, he’s still just as tenacious and she’s just as glad that they met all those years ago.


Dr. Jennifer Hillier, ND

Naturopathic Doctor and Dream Chaser

Never one to be satisfied with just one job, Jenn loves to garden (but this farm thing is getting ridiculous), run workshops on connection for families, practice transformational medicine and generally pretend to be an adequate housekeeper/chef when people come over.


John Gaida

Realtor and Rural Hipster

Being a realtor is John’s way of caring for people when they’re in the throes of some of the biggest financial, life and family decisions. He’s sneaky with all that love, leaving families better off than when they met, happy and connected to community and to each other. In his spare time, he wrestles with the boys, is the chief beekeeper and gross-thing-doer on the farm, and chattiest guy at the chicken feed store. If it’s happening, John’s there (and he probably has chicken poop on his shoe…be warned).

Next Steps...

Interested in what we’re doing here at the farm? Drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.